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October 2011 ROTM nomination thread!

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Alright guys and gals this is for the October 2011 ROTM poll! lets get some of these great trucks/SUVs posted up!
remeber to include a picture, and some information please.
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Think I was too late for September so lets try for October. I wont to throw my truck in the mix. 08 2500 HD Duramax with a Bank IQ Tuner and Bank Ram Air Intake. Ranch Hand Front and Back Bumpers. 6 " Procomp lift with all Bilstein Shocks and steering stabilizer. 35" Toyo Mud Terrains. Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire
Automotive tire Vehicle Tire Automotive exterior Bumper
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Wheel Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire


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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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