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1992 Chevy Scottsdale K1500 LB4 (4.3Z) 4.3L V6, EFI (TBI 200), MG5(GETRAG)
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So, I had an issue with my gauges... and a lighting issue in general.
Pulled a panel from another vehicle with the same layout of gauges... this one is brighter.

But now the trip meter and odometer do not work.... All the gears are there. Nothing is cracked... I even put back the first gauge panel and left the back panel that I just installed...

I don't get it...
This is recycled front panel - the one that I pulled.

When I put it in I thought that I had messed up when I noticed that all the needles were in the wrong places... then I started the truck, put it in gear, then moved a bit... everything went crazy for a split second then normal... they all indicate darn near the same as the "original" panel...

Only issues other than the meters are the gas and oil gauges... oil just freaks out and tops out... gas is messed up because the pump, sending unit, and housing all need to be replaced... maybe the lines as well...

Any help would be great. Been looking at the uTubes but they always use a model that is older or newer - different enough - that what they do is not the same as what I need AND they don't actually deal with the issue(s).
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