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Oil filter question 1 quart model vs reg and 4wd [Expired Topic]

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I have been looking at the oil filters for the suburban and have a question the 1 qt filters dont show fitting the 4wd models does anyone have any experience with this?

Looking at the KN HP3002 and the Mobil 1 and the Purolator Pure One anyone tried any of these?
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My 94 5.7L 4X4 has an oil cooler and the way the thing is placed I don’t think the 1 quart one would fit. For the life of me right now I don’t remember what is on it for a filter. Sorry about that, old timing mans disease.
That's a senior moment, that's for sure.

I'm bad, I just buy whatever's cheap. :oops:
on the 92 and up 2wd the filter was the same as all 91 and older small blocks. on the 92 and 4wd the front drive shaft is on the left side, right under the oil filter. i dont know about K&N or any other #'s but the GM #'s for the 2wd and older 4wd was either PF35 (without pressure relief) or PF1218 (with press. relief) for the 92 and up 4wd because of the driveshaft, the oil filter adapter puts the filter laying on its side, for clearance, those engines use either the PF47 (small) or PF52 (large) filter. neither of these filters is as big as the 35/1218 which would hold one qt. the PF52 or equivalent is the largest filter you can fit in the stock location on the 92 thru 99.
So on a 96 4wd I would have to use a pf1218 or the pf52 to get the most out of the filter?


Thank you guess this will be the one I need to get
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