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oil filter relocation

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i just got in from changing the oil in my truck and let me say, next time i do it im putting an oil filter relocation kit in. friggen housing is directly above the driveshaft.

so anyway, does anyone here have one or recommendations? i would like to stick with a chevy oil filter and would like the kit to contain everything im going to need without having to run to the store and buy spare parts or replacements for cheap junk. i would also like to not have to make the lines.

i looked on summit and it appears all they have is generic kits. i also saw a couple things about how most of them are junk so im hoping to get some feedback prior to spending money.
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I actually got the summit kit, and I wasn't able to use it directly on the block for my 454. I had to use it with the factory redirector. I've got no complaints other than that. It suggested a ford filter, but the one it suggested was tiny.
So I brought the remote mount into the store with me and tried out a few different filters to get the one I liked. I doubt the store personel liked the fact that I was opening all the filter boxes, but they didn't say anything so, no harm I guess.

Hope that helps you some.
Try JC Whitney

The last remote filter setup I installed was on a 351C, so I didn't really mind the Ford filters. I used the dual filter (more is better right?) setup from TransDapt. You can get it from JC Whitney or your local speed shop. TD uses Ford filters. You can find 13/16" 16tpi units that use the GM filters.
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i guess i dont really care if it is a ford filter, as long as it is about the same size as the chevy filter i have to use now. dont really want to go the dual route as i use mobil one filters and that would get pricey.

thats for the info guys. i'll take a look into the trans dapt gear.
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