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Oil Gauge Problems

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I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe that the oil gauge bounces around when driving down the road. When it is at idle it appears all is ok. I have replaced the oil sending unit with a new one from o'reilly auto parts and still had problem. so I replaced the dash cluster with a rebuilt one from Dorman and still have the same problem. I have put about 600 miles on vehicle with this problem going on. There is not any noise in engine It runs fine. Any suggestions out there?
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my tahoe oil gauge needle bounces around from when driving down the road. when i am idling the gauge reads a steady 40psi as soon as i drive down the road the needle starts reading all over the gauge but never pegs out but will fall to 0 and low oil pressure will light up and then may go back up to 40psi I replaced the oil sending unit and that didnt stabilize the needle so i put a rebuilt cluster from Dorman in and a still made no difference. the oil gauge is the only gauge that is malfunctioning. I know the pressure is ok because i have made a trip of 600 or so miles on the interstate driving 70 mhp and there isnt any engine noise. the vehicle runs great!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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