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(OLS) oil life system

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hey guys,
I have an 2007 trailblazer. I had an 03 s10 blazer i traded in. I have that oil life system on this thing. I have 4K on it the oil change light hasnt come on yet. I know it is supposed to tell me when Im supposed to change it and it all depends on my driving. Im a little bit old school with that so for me its taking time getting used to relying on onstar and the computer to tell me when to do it. anyone still just change it at 3k like we use to? or let it play out?

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I think it is a matter of personal preference of when to change it. We had a poll awhile back asking members which they prefer so you might search for it. I am old-school about changing mine and have the dealer change mine (I got the free oil change package when I bought my truck new) so the little sticker they put on my windshield tells me the mileage to bring it back in (usually 3K miles). On my wifes 2001 Suburban, the light comes on to remind you but on my 2006 Silverado it tells me what my engine oil life is (like 78%) as well as my fuel filter life (maybe only diesel here).
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