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OMG ! Watch fer this guy comin down the road !

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Believe it or not.............

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c'mon I knew i shouldnt have posted the picture of my custom gooseneck trailer. I figured you guys would make fun of me.:no:
But seriously, I would not want to be any where near that thing going down hill.
That thing is definitely in need of some helper springs and air shocks.
Hey, at least he opted for the "tail gate safety chain supports". LOL
How do people even get away with such things.

Talk about unsafe. I don't even want to be in the same state as that!!!

Worst part is, that he's probably mighty proud of that.
Isnt that illegal? If it isnt it should be.
Any Police Officer that sees that would pull him over and that would be the ened of it. Trailer would be towed to an impound and he would need to come up with a proper tow vehicle to come get it.
Genius at work

Now that's what I call "American Ingenuity!":rofl:
Not supprised!

:eek: During my 41 years on the planet(as far as I know)I have seen some real hum dingers! that has got to be one of the best! I can not stop laughing! You know that guy is tellin all his buddies how he did it and "who needs a big truck!" I am going to send that picture to my brother in law he is a Ohio State Trooper, he will not be suprised at all! He has pulled over people in a chevy two door cavaler and watched eight people pile out! Three of them children under the age of five!
This reminds me of a similar situation locally. There's a Dodge dynasty, with a 30 foot bumper pull travel trailer. They had the trailer hooked onto the dynasty, and the dynasty's a$$ end was nearly on the ground.

I never saw it on the move, always parked on the side of the road. I should have taken a picture of it.
Hey, at least he opted for the "tail gate safety chain supports". LOL
Not only that, but look at the second pic under the that a wooden support i see attached to the stock hitch?
haha yes that was my favorite part!
looks like that blazer is about to pop a wheelie
looks like that blazer is about to pop a wheelie
or maybe a hemorrhoid ? LOL !
Whatever it pops, chances are the outcome won't be good!
Holy Crap!!!
Thanks for bumping this thread, I didn't see it before. My neighbors can probably hear me laughing :rofl:
That is funny but sad
Voted for "Tool of the day"!
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