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2009 Silverado LTZ 180,000km 5.3L

Camping this weekend and had to use 4wd, wouldn’t go in to 4wd, then the transfercase ended up dropping into neutral on me, wouldn’t even give me 2wd, I had to pull the encoder motor and manually set the transfer case into 2wd to get out of the country. Opened up the encoder motor and found multiple corroded off connections, replaced it. Truck now goes into 4hi/4lo, but only them 2, lights on on the 4wd button does nothing when switched to 2wd or auto. Shut down truck, let power time out and turn the key forward again and you’ll hear the encoder motor move and lock in, to either 4hi or low (lights goes to correct point when it goes to 4hi or lo).

Checked the ground under the door. I’m stumped. Bad dash switch? Or need a scan tool to clock the motor where I’ve manually moved the transfer case positioning?

Any help appreciated.
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