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Other fuel sources - E85 and Biodiesel

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I've been reading a lot about E85 gasoline/ethanol mixture and also biodiesel. Just wondering if anyone is using it in their vehicle and what type of difference you can see.

I know that in the midwest there are a bunch of ethanol plants popping up lately. I've heard that more and more gas stations around these communities are carying E85 too.

I think that everyone knows that the new turbodiesels can perform very well with an engine life up to 300k.
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I've heard that to run E85 (like the state vehicles in Iowa supposedly are) certain pumps and fittings needs to be replaced/upgraded. Not sure if this is for every vehicle or if its true or not though. There are quite a few people running biodiesel here too. There's actually a few plants and even places that sell the equipment to make it yourself out of used veggie oil within a couple miles of my house.
Yeah, I saw that on the news the other week. That's one of the things I was interested in learning more about.

For example, when it comes to the monster RVs, like what my dad has. He went from a gas ford big-block to a different RV with a 300hp turbo diesel and gets more HP with better fuel economy. That's pretty impressive.
The good thing about biodiesel is that it offers the ability to have an easy-to-get fuel source that we can grow in this country. "get out from under!"
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