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Well, i guess i'll introduce myself. My name is Brian. I'm from Norwalk, Ohio. I work 3rd shift at a plastic injection molding plant. I'm 24 years old and i'm an alcoholic...wait a minute, no i'm not!
Anyways, i traded in my old 92 pos ranger and bought a 2004 silverado. I do not know the exact name of the color but it's red. I'll attempt to link a couple pics of it at the end of this post. It'll save me from having to write out all the details. Though i got a feeling i'll be writing them out anyways.
I bought this truck mainly for my every day driver. I've only had it for two or three months and i love it. I may have to jump up a bit to get in, but damnit, i don't care!
I don't plan to mod the living hell out of it. Most things i have planned are just some simple cosmetic modifications that actually have purpose. I.e. tonnou (i can never spell this word right...) cover, bug shield, window vents, maybe some tint, side rails (for us short guys... [i think this is the right term]). Things like that. As for performance i'll probably just get an intake system of some kind and go with some kind of cat back once the stock exhaust rusts out. I might throw a navigation system in some time since i travel a lot around the state and outside the state to see friends and what not.
As i said this truck is my daily driver. The vehicle that takes most of my income that isn't a loan payment is my 99 cougar. Yeah, yeah, i can hear all of you laughing. I know, people don't see it as a performance car or anything of great significance. And a lot of people see it as rice. Fact of the matter is i don't care. You could call it the biggest waste of time or money you've ever seen. I'll pretty much shrug it off and just keep working on it. I won't get into details about it since i doubt many people care.
I don't know if i'll post a lot. I'm mainly just looking for a good forum to get advice and information from. This is the first one i've found that is so far looking to be useful. You never know, though, i might just become a regular.
Anyways, here's the pics i promised:
Don't worry, i've gotten rid of the retarded dealership stickers and crap.

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