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popped this code out of my truck once again....
i just replaced the crankshaft position sensor less than 5,000 miles ago, got a good brand BWD always been good to me at least...
now my truck has recently been having the exact same intermittent hesitant noises and acting up like it did before but my truck didnt give me a service engine soon light like it did last time when it started running horribly... i just happened to run my programmer through my truck because i was gonna look over some stuff and my programmer detected this code...
now obviously im going to replace the CPS but anyone know why this might have happened once again (2 times in about 6 months)???

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well this is insane! i just went back to my truck and ran my programmer and found ANOTHER CODE!

DTC U1255 Class 2 Communication Malfunction

ive never seen this one before is it related to the other? What do i do about this one?
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