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P0449 Code SES light.

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This is my first SES light and I used my hypertech to read the code and P0449 came up. I researched it a little bit and seems kinda serious. Anybody else get this code before?


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I cleared the code and remote start is working again!! The wife did fill the truck up on Thursday so I checked the cap and tighten it a bit more. Hope I don't see the code anytime soon. Thanks guys!!!
Alston as Mike said don't worry about it. My '05 throws that code and I just clear the code. Its done this for years.
How offten does the light show up on your truck STB? I cleared it Saturday and drove about 150 miles between then and this morning and it popped again. If I just keep clearing it until I can get to the dealership should I be fine?

I just got home and went to clear the code and I had 2. Now I am also throwing P0455 which is gas cap not tight. I know it is tight and checked it yet again. Could my gas cap be bad?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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