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The parking brake cable on my 99 Silverado 1500 LT is out of adjustment space again. New parking brake linings were installed and the cable adjustment was good for about 5000 miles. But now, no more adjustment available to tighten and parking brakes do not hold. Linings are still good. Suggestions on how to fix parking brakes so they hold?

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You will need:

13mm wrench

If the first method does not work, then you will also need:

Jack Stands
Torque Wrench
Socket Set
16mm open end wrench

If there are any broken parts inside of the drum, they cannot be replaced individually, so you will need to buy the GM parking brake rebuild kit, which is

take the 13mm wrench and tighten up the adjuster screw on the balancer
The balancer is located underneath the driver's side rear door on X-cabs.


1. Jack up the rear end of the truck. Chock the front tires if you'd like
2. Remove the rear wheels / tires
(from the factory GM puts retaining clips on 2 of the lug bolts to hold on the rotors during building. you will now need to cut these off. If you put on aftermarket rims, these need to be cut off or they just wont work right.)

3. Unbolt the rear calipers from the caliper mounting bracket using a 12mm socket. You may need to hold the nut w/ a 16mm open end wrench.
4. Remove the pads.
5. Then unbolt the caliper mounting bracket with an 18mm socket.
6. remove the rotor.
7. check the thickness of the shoe lining and check to see if the lower clip is still intact.

If the shoe linings and clips are fine on both sides, skip to step 15

8. Unbolt bolt holding shoe retaining clip
9. slide the shoe out of the tappet and adjusting nut assembly.
10. roll the shoe off of the hub
11. replace the tappet, adjusting nut assembly, pin, handbrake lever, dustcover, and adjustment pawl and lube as needed.
12. Put the new shoe on the reverse of removing hte old one.
13. Slip hte shoe over the tappet and adjusting nut assembly.
14. bolt the new hold down spring on inside of the shoe (does not take much force, rated at 18-44 INCH POUNDS)
(you can see the great difference between the old and new hold down springs. perhaps GM realized something around 2002?)
15. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to expand the shoe. Do so until it rubs on the rotor when installed, then turn it counter-clockwise enough to keep it from doing so.
( I urge you to be careful to not expand the shoe too much at a time, or the rotor might get stuck onto the shoe, in which case you will need to shimmy the rotor and have a buddy shake the other wheel to remove it. You will probably bend the hold down spring)
16. reinstall the rotor
17. reinstall the caliper bracket and torque bolts to 148 for 1500's or 122 for 2500's.
18. reinstall the brake pads
19. reinstall the caliper and torque to 31 for 1500's or 80 for 2500's
20. reinstall wheels and tires
21. lower enough for tires to touch, and torque to 140 lbs/ft.
22. take the 13mm wrench and tighten up the adjuster screw on the balancer
The balancer is located underneath the driver's side rear door on X-cabs.
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