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Part in the blower box that has the wire coils on it?

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Afternoon all.

What is the part that plugs into the top of the blower box and has all the wire coils on it? In a freak situation I managed to damage mine. Actually melted one of the coils into the outside, but long story. What is that part called so I can find another one?

Question number two: Does this part have any control over the low pressure switch in the accumulator? If the low pressure switch just doesn't work, can this part be the culprit?

Okay, third question. Can I change the low pressure switch without losing all the refrigerant?

Thanks in Advance,


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Okay, I found it. Blower Motor Resistor. I am still researching my other two questions; however I would love an answer to those if you have one.
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The Blower Motor Resister controls only the blower motor. It cuts back the power going to the blower motor so you have your lower settings. Yes the A/C system will need to be evacuated to change the low pressure switch.
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