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Pass side front wheel Assbly...? / Bearing...08 1500 Avalanche 4x4

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Shouldn't they last longer then 64K???? Are they covered by Drive line Warr?

Well I've beeen hearing some rattling under the front for the past week so I lifted it today and found I need a new Bearing/Hub for the front right.. Anyone have an idea where to get a GOOD one at a good price? And how hard is it to replace?

Thanks.. Glenn

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I was just going over the owners book and it says I should be covered.....For the front Hub Bearings... 5 years -100,000 miles... Is this true?
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They should last more than 64K. The '96 'Burb had over 200,000 miles on its front hubs. I'm sure your warranty will cover it.
If you have the stock wheels and tires I would put them on so theres reason for them to say no. If you don't have the stockers then do what I would do and kiss there butts up one side and down the other. LOL.
Thats great there covered!!
Sounds good to me!!! I assume by your happy face there was no charge.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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