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Pass side front wheel Assbly...? / Bearing...08 1500 Avalanche 4x4

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Shouldn't they last longer then 64K???? Are they covered by Drive line Warr?

Well I've beeen hearing some rattling under the front for the past week so I lifted it today and found I need a new Bearing/Hub for the front right.. Anyone have an idea where to get a GOOD one at a good price? And how hard is it to replace?

Thanks.. Glenn

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I was just going over the owners book and it says I should be covered.....For the front Hub Bearings... 5 years -100,000 miles... Is this true?
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Spoke to a friend in Ga with a 07 Z71 Av. He told me that at 97K one of his went and they replaced them all... Nice So I will talk to the dealer Mon morning to see... I hope they don't give me BS because of my Rims and tires They are the Same size as the stock 20's you can get from the dealer..
I will call them on Mon and ask the guy I know. If I have to I will put my stocks back on.. What a PITA!!! But if it will make them happy...
My book in my hand says Drive systems Wheel Bearings and Locking Hubs are covered ?? Well I will be giving them a call soon...
Ok They say it is covered.. And no problem with the aftermarket wheels.. As long as they are within Spec of the Factory 20's Which they are..
I just took the wheel off to take a look.. Not nice.. and I have to drive 20 miles to the dealer.. Hope the wheel does not come off.. It is Loose...
Well got it back today.. All fixed They replaced the right front Bearing and said the others are fine and so are the brakes A little low but good for now.. Time to drive...... :)
They charge for that ...... :)
1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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