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Okay ya'll...praying someone can help me with this mess. And bear with me because I am not much of a mechanic girl (I'm learning from all of this!) We have a 2000 c2500 and we have had problems with the passlock (truck not starting at times having to wait 10-30 mins.). It's been at the mechanic for 2 weeks. They said the EVO passlock module is bad. Of course GM discontinued this module. I found a bypass that led us to believe the truck didn't have to start for it to work. Wrong! Of course it didn't work so it was sent back. Then I found a refurbished module just like ours. Ordered it but just talked to mechanic and It's not working either. From what I understand It's not even showing on the computer when they have it hooked up with this refurbished module. They are going to double check it tomorrow to make sure It's not something at their end but the mechanic and I are both ready to give up. My husband comes home tomorrow from work and I am turning this over to him! I was just wondering where to go from here? Has anyone else had this problem and gotten it fixed? Thank you for any help!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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