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Peeling Chrome Grille [Expired Topic]

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Recently my chrome plated plastic factory grille started to peel. At first it looked like only one or two spots, and I figured if I didn't mess with it.....

Well I was wrong. It just seemed to get worse over time. So I started to peel it back. It seemed to come off nicely, and I was thinking by day's end I would have it all cleaned off. Let's just say it didn't work that way.

I now have a half chrome, and half white/grey plastic grille. Anybody have any ideas on how to coax the reast of the plating off? Heat gun, acetone....anything?
I know I could buy a new grille, but there's nothing wrong with this one, short of the chrome. I was thinking I would paint it flat black, when I'm done.
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Hmm, they don't make the like they used to, that's for sure. Heat it up with a heat gun and see if it can be peeled off. That's what I would do.
No they certainly don't. At least it's not a late '80's factory paint. I had a '87 chevy C10 that peeled hood paint like it was a banana. :x

I'll try the heat gun, and let ya know how that goes.
Some of those new "grill replacements" are pretty cheap and much less work then going through peeling all that chrome off and then painting it black, you could probably get a black one for under $100 and install it in an hour. (just a thought from the "perpetual upgrade side")
Good point. Worth considering. I'll see how the peeling goes. Odds are I will probably end up botching something up while peeling, and need to buy a new one anyway. But I have to try first, I'm just stubborn like that. :)
Why not save some time and have the grill bead blasted and then re-chromed?
Ron :D
I hadn't really considered having it re-chromed. I figured that if it peeled once with the factory plating, then it would probably peel sooner with an aftermarket plating job.
Maybe not. It's something to consider.
Thanks for the suggestion Ron.
Not to highjack the thread, but where would I get one in Black? I don't like my chrome one and it is also peeling.
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