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Photoshoot - Flatman - 7.16.07

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I went out today and took a few pics of the truck. I finally washed her after over a month of rain. Enjoy! :D

As always, click to make them bigger:

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Very nice. I work near the ballpark! I'll honk when I drive past you next time. :great:
I don't work over there, but I was in the area and thought it might make for a few good pictures! Thanks.
Big pimpin' my Brother:great:
Ride the red rocket, Brother!
dude i LOVE those wheels!!!!!! i might be able to get my hands on a set of chrome ones for my crew cab. what size tires are those? do they rub at all? very nice looking ride!!
I had 245/45/18's and went to a 235/55/18 currently. No rubbing with either tire. Thanks for the compliments!

These wheels have to have the center bore enlarged in order for them to fit our trucks...just incase you didn't know... :)
Wow those Nissan wheels look really good on there :great:
Wow those Nissan wheels look really good on there :great:
Thanks, man!!! :glasses:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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