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Please save my old school K-5 Blazer from the scrap yard.

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My 84 K-5 is giving me issues. It is barey idling in park or in gear. While in park, it doesn't respond to giving it gas like it should and when I put it in gear, it drives ok for about 20 feet then I have to give it more and more gas to keep it moving. It won't really accelerate at all. With the pedal all the way down on a flat road, I'm going 30 mph and I'm heaing a lot of popping sounds.

I replaced the fuel filter, plugs, cap, rotor, and wires. Fuel pump is fairly new, catalytic converter doesn't seem to be plugged. Is it a carburetor problem??? It was lacking power for about 2 months when climbing hills, but not this bad. Aside from the lacking power, this problem started all of a sudden one night.

The vacuum lines are a mess, but they are the same as they were when it was running good. HELP!!!!!!
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sounds like you have multiple problems. first off if you have vac line problems and have had them for some time you very well could have been running it lean and burnt out your rings. also without you knowing your vac leaks very well could have gotten worse now causing it to run to lean. anytime that your having engine problems and you know yo have vac leaks then thats the first thing you need to fix. once you think you might have gotten them all start the engine, let it idle, and spray brake cleaner over every line, vac power items, ext. the brake cleaner will make the engine idle up noticeably with so much as a pin hole leak. vac line also have a tendency to stretch due to heat. use zip ties at every vac line connection to help ensure a tight seal. using brake cleaner along the intake and intake gaskets will also reveal if you have a cracked manifold and/or blown intake gaskets.

did you by chance check the oil and coolant to ensure there is no mixing of the 2 and also for fuel in the oil?

fuel pressure, did you check to make sure you have enough fuel pressure. its been some time since i have worked on carbureted engines but i think you want something like 8-13psi. check the pubs or you local chevy dealer to confirm that.

easy way to check for clogged cats is drop the exhaust and start it up. other than sounding bad and loud if it runs any better then you know it was your cats.

did you check your timing to make sure it still has a correct tune?

does it have a hei ignition? if so bench test the spark modulator to ensure proper function.

does it have any knocking and/or ticking sounds and if so from which location?

thats just some things i would have checked off the top of my head.
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