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poor man's GMC grille emblem?

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poor man's billet GMC grille emblem?

I ran across a really old posting in another forum--basically, the poster stated that he carefully pried off his stock red GMC letters from the grille's emblem, cleaned off the residual glue, then posted up a pic of the results. (He didn't mention whether or not he did any painting.)

I can't link to the pic of his end-result because it resides on another forum. However, it did look quite nice compared to our stock red letters.

Just curious if any of you tried it out before going with a $50 - $80 aluminum emblem.

P.S. What's the difference in appearance between "Polished Aluminum" and "Chrome Plated Aluminum", or do they look the same?
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I would think that polished aluminum would be the bright aluminum that still has an aluminum haze to it. Chrome plated would be a mirror-like finish that you could see yourself in. It can also chip off over time. The worst polished could do in the same rock-free environment would be to fade.
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