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Possible Spring Rally ???

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Hello all i am a big fan of Rallies and am in the process of planning a camping rally this spring or eary summer in northeast Illinois or Iowa area and would like to add the Gm Truck Club on this if there is any intrest please let me know it would be arive on friday and leave on sunday im still working out details but need to know how much intrest is out there

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Sounds like it could be a good time ............ But im over in Pa .....if i was closer I would show up
i know this is an older post, but im game for something. i do have friends willing to represent chevy up here, we just need to get something rolling. maybe a set date, set place, lets get some more details! itd be great to actually get a meet going on! Dan- move up here already!!! ideas people! ideas!!!!!!!!! places, dates, etc, lets roll with this! chris
come on- dont even bring a truck! bring a chevy car if need be! lets all meet up! do some camping, maybe a race day, maybe a fishing day! throw out ideas!!!!! im game for all fishing days, but if you have kids like i do, you need a little more! lets explore this!
im up for it lets try to get some more people i will post it on a camping forum i belong to try to get some more people for some reason its hard to get a rally going in the midwest

we have any takers yet? not looking so good on this site!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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