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Post your 0-60 times for your GM truck.

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Just wanted to know what people's 0-60 times are.

I ran mine the other day and got ~8.2 seconds. I did a mild brake torque to get the engine revs up and let er go. I'm sure I could do better with a few more times.
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Traverse is supposed to be 7.2 seconds, but that's book and not sure if the AWD helps/hurts it. I guess I have something to test on the freeway onramp when the roads dry out. :glasses:
Are these actual track times or just gunning it from a traffic light?
That's a good point. I'm not going to take my daily driver to the track,but I should be able to either have a passenger time it, or have someone outside of the car hit me with a radar gun, I've got to know some folks that have one lying around.

I guess we could try to find one of these ... and just time it from 0 to 60.

Motor vehicle Sign Lane Road Signage


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Huh. Anyone else able to do this safely?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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