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This is on an old body style 1999 Suburban K1500.

When I push in a cigarette lighter it blows the #13 Cig fuse.

If I pull out the cigarette lighter and replace the fuse, the door locks all "try" to work but don't have the oomph. I'm guessing the power is draining into ground since they're all on the same circuit.

If I try the cigarette lighter socket on either of the other aux power connectors it blows the aux fuse (#7 on the inside panel).

With all doors closed, hood light disconnected, nothing on etc, and nothing connected to those 3 cigarette/aux power connectors and the fuses replaced, testing amps across the disconnected negative battery cable shows a 11.5V/4amp draw between the battery and the neg battery cable. I don't know if this is normal but seems very high.

It does the same if I pull the cigarett lighter and aux power fuses.

I've poked around behind the dash everywhere I could without *completely* dismantling it and don't see any burnt wires etc.

Also checked the tails running through each of the door boots and don't see any culprits.

I've done some googling and these exact symptoms popped up several times but there were no solutions associated.

I was hoping there might be a guru with some good pointers or that has seen this and fixed it before.

It has a new long block installed (and running great) but this problem pre-exsisted the engine swap. Now if I could just get everything else working!

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