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power issues

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I have a 99 2500 4x4 with 102,000 miles.I am having problem wih getting my full power.I cant even burnout or anything.I can floor it and it chokes down really bad.I'm very easy on my truck and never turn over about 2,500 rpms.So if anyone has any suggestions let me know
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Well the big question is the check engine light on??? if so what codes.. also when was the last time you did a tune up? (plugs wires cap rotor?) and what type of plugs are you running in the engine?
Take a look into the intake, and see if you smell raw gas.... if you do then chances are your Fuel Pressure Regulator is shot. Also if you havent done a tune up then it is deifnately time. and put in a good set of AC plugs. since the need for good plugs and actually a new cap and rotor will cause the symptoms that you are talking about. Also while you are doing the tune up i would take the time to remove the throttle body and clean it up really good with throttle body cleaner.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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