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power issues

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I have a 99 2500 4x4 with 102,000 miles.I am having problem wih getting my full power.I cant even burnout or anything.I can floor it and it chokes down really bad.I'm very easy on my truck and never turn over about 2,500 rpms.So if anyone has any suggestions let me know
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well i drive it easy and im saying i floor it,like i get on the highway and it boggs down so i give it more to see if it clears up but just boggs down.have no aftermarket air filter no power mods.has a 5.7 run regular fuel has a 2'' lift with 33'' dyna pro mt's.3:73 gears.have regular maintance on the truck
well like im not trying to smoke em im just sayin i cant even break them loose.i dont burn out in my trucks especially on $1,000 tires
well i just got the truck not to long ago think november so really havent done any of the plugs and things you mentioned.theres no light.thought it might be my timing but that would have thrown a code if it was,its really wierd how it runs it will run perfect of you accelerate easy but if you try to give it a decent amoutn of throttle like passing or getting on the highway it boggs down you can back out of it and get back in it and it will not sure what to think
ok well that sounds like a good start.i know that i put AC Delco plugs in my other truck when i did the cap and rotor and it made a huge difference in performance.well wouldnt the fuel pressure regulater cause it to have a change in fuel pressure?In my other truck which is a 96 i had to change that regulator b/c it ran terrible.
figured out my problem I had a blown intake gasket also replaced cab and rotor and plugs.fixed the problem it's all good now.Thanks for all the advise
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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