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power seat works in reverse???

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I recently purchased a 2003 Suburban LT with power seats. However, I've noticed a few things odd with the driver-side power seat.

1. When pressing the lever towards the forward direction, the seat actually goes backwards, while pressing the lever back makes the seat go forward. (passenger-side seat operates normally (ie: forward goes forward, back goes backwards). Up & Down seems to be working as should... but,

2. When compared to the passenger-side power seat, it appears that the driver's seat does not go as high as the passenger's seat is able to.

Anyone run into this? Please advise...

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks all for the replies!

sam5828... yeah, I thought maybe someone may have replaced the powerseat module with a passengerseat one at some point in time.

Well, I took her to the dealership to have the 100k mi. service performed and they were able to fix the reversed button issue. Apparently, the programming got screwed up so they updated the software in the powerseat module and recalibrated the seat. All's working as should now.

As for the seat-height thing, Rumpamuro's probably right... it's gotta be the factory max height... or maybe the seat cushion is just a tad more worn out than the passenger side.

Ya My drivers side seat is doin something like that. When I pull the switch up it goes down and vice versa. What did they ding you to reprogram the power seat module?
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