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power steering pump going bad?

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hello all i have a 1991 GMC C3500 truck 5.7l 3+3 long box the truck is not pretty at all but i like it a lot. one of the things that bother me about it is the power steering pump. on start up the belt squeals just a little, also the breaks are powered off the power steering pump as well so for the first few miles the pump belt squeals if i steer or use the brakes. I have replaced the belt and tightened it. after the truck is warmed up quiet as a mouse unless i get on the brakes. Also there is plenty of fluid.
So is the pump not keeping up with demand or is the bump going bad?
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Hey Pipe, welcome to the truck club. Has the p. s. fluid ever been replaced? A '91 probably has a lot of miles on it. 150,000, 200,000 miles?
Old crappy fluid can make it appear like the pump is going bad. You might try changing it before you spend the big bucks for a new pump.
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