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Power to only one tbi injector

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I have a 1990 305 Silverado with tbi. Only the green and white wires will power either injector. The truck will
barely run on either injector. I have checked the red and blue wires plug, contacts and inspected them for insulation issues all the way to the
firewall where it goes through to the ecm. Is there anything that would kill just the red and blue wires? My distributor was replaced two months ago
complete with module and p/u coil. Could either one of those parts take out just one injector feed?
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IF it's only firing one injector, then you should check for battery voltage on one side of the dead harness (not sure which color should be hot) with the key on. If there's voltage, then it's almost certainly your ECM. If it doesn't have voltage, then very carefully check your fuses and make sure there isn't an open circuit somewhere between the TBI and fuse panel.
Good Luck and God Bless
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