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Selling my Powewrdyne Supercharger. I bought it off a close friend of mine a couple of years ago to put on my 01 Sierra but my truck got stolen shortly after and that was the end of that. I've held onto it knowing that one day i would get back into a silverado. Now that i have the SS and am daily driving it i have decided to put long tubes on it instead of the supercharger.

The supercharger is off an 03 SS. My friend used it for two summers until he blew the internal belt and pulled it off for a big turbo build. I have all the parts for it excluding the Diablo sport tuner which i have already sold. Blower has low hours as it was only summer driven.

The blower needs to be rebuilt with a new internal belt as seen in the pictures. Bearings are still good but if it were me rebuilding it i would replace them for good measure.

Asking $1200 CDN. Located in Baden, Ontario Canada. **Will ship anywhere, Shipping price negotiable**

Thanks for looking. PM, e-mail or phone for any additional details.


[email protected]

*Thanks to Curky for updating me on my link in my previous thread not working. Works on my home computer but not my work computer.

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