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PowerSteering not working on 2001 Sierra 1500 4x4

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I lost the power steering in my sierra today after i did a 180 in the grass. I just gave it a shot of gas to swing the ass end around and it lost the power steering. I was in 2 wheel drive there's no leaks or noises from the pump I checked to see if i pinched a line in the fender well but there fine and not near anything that can pinch them. Could it be a valve or something in the pump? Any help would be appreciated
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this is another GM defect that does happen on these old trucks . the metal used by the supplier to GM used scrap metal on the PS pulley shaft . after years of stress they snap .. you will not see anything exterior.. when you remove the belt see if the pulley slides out .. if so you will see how the metal snapped .
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