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Preparing For Lights Behind Grill

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Hey everyone,
I have seen many of you with the fog lights behind the grill and I love the look. Yesterday, I got a small set of 3" fogs for the upper section of the grill and today I will be going to purchase some 4" (or larger) fogs for the lower section of the grill. I will be doing the install tomorrow and will be sure to let you all know how this goes and take a lot of pictures. Here is a photoshopped picture of what I am going for.

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Looks good. Should be a unique setup for sure.
I'm currently looking to do the same thing, the only problem I'm running into is finding a offroad light that I can set back far enough so the heat doesn't melt the plastic grille.
Others have said that the heat won't be enough to melt the grill. I am trusting the club on this one. I got all my lights and can't wait to start tomorrow night. I settled for the cheapies from advanced (one set was given to me for doing a stereo).

Uppers (couldn't help but open them):


Okay, so they aren't the nicest lights, but they will do for now...
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Do lotsa pics should be a hot look
Just got home from work and got the truck in the garage and the grill taken apart. I will take lots of pics! Should be an update here later tonight.
Make another install video like the other one, it was great.
Def will make a video of them in action. Just got them mounted up. Now for the wiring. I am going to wire them to a switch inside my flip up console for now. I want to do a project similar to this LINK and move the switches to the overhead console. Here is a pic of them mounted.

I have to move the upper passenger side light up just a bit and they will be good. They are really close, but it will bug the crap out of me if I don't fix it

**Edit- If you didn't notice I just kicked over my drink :grrrrrr:
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They look even to me, maybe its the drink you kicked over.LOL.
I am in for another video!! I love my fogs behind my grill.

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Hey Alston, Were you near the storms?? We had a great light show and some wind but luckly no damage.
Hey Alston, Were you near the storms?? We had a great light show and some wind but luckly no damage.
We did get some bad weather. Our Lowe's lost some of it's roof on the garden center and all of the storage sheds in the parking lot looked like a crushed tin can. We are not use to torandos around these parts and to see some of the trees driving around was just mind boggling. About 90 minutes north east of us is Sanford, NC and they got it real bad. I saw pics of some homes on the news and it was just devastating.
Hey guys,
I didn't finish wiring the lights until midnight last night, but they are finally done. I took some pics this morning and forgot to put the card in my camera. As soon as I find the camera to computer cord I will post some pics.


Here are a couple pics I took. I will get some night shots up later or tomorrow.

I am working on the console now. I think I'm going to write a how to for it w/ lots of pics when I'm done.
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I did it too a few months back with KC 57 series I had on my old truck, I did a write up on FSC:

Headlamp Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Automotive lighting
Grille Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Hood
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Automotive exterior
Vehicle Car Vehicle door Auto part Vehicle audio

haha that was awhile ago, def glad I colormatched my bow tie


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