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Problem with 4 wheel drive High setting.

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Well here I go again, I have maybe a problem and I'd like to ask you guy's if it is normal.

When I enter 4 wheel Hi setting and turn my wheels to almost max lock my '06 TB jerks and feels like the traction control being applied to the front wheels. it is hard to explain and is only noticed on 4Wheel Hi and only when I cut the wheels sharp, to like enter a parking spot.

Does this make sense, and has anyone felt the same loss of power and jerky almost like the brakes are being applied feeling in 4W Hi.


I see I put this in the wrong heading it is a TrailBlazer sorry.......
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Thanks guys.
I think MrShorty hit it, binding was the best explination of what happens, and it seems normal from your comments.

I just wish salesman would worry less about writting there names on the chalkboard, and high fivin' there buddies and spend more time explaining the functions of the new truck once you signed the papers.

Great forum, thanks

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