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Pulling Left When Brakes Mashed

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Hello All. Have a 99 GMC Suburban K2500 4x4 7.4L. Recently had new front brakes and rotors put on. After a few months the truck pulled left when the brakes were mashed. Mechanic said I needed new calibers. Truck is still pulling left. Any thoughts?
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Did you replace the calipers as the mech indicated? Sounds like the left front one is dragging a bit and when the pads are replaced the caliper pistons are pushed back into the bore. They can move back into correct position and get stuck due to wear and also contamination of the brake fluid.
It could be a bad rotor from the shop with a hard spot in it. You could swap the rotors left to right to see if the problem follows. A lot of these rotors are Chinese now and their wear ability is suspect. Even Delco professional (which is supposedly a cut above the base stuff) is Chinese made now.
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