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Hello I am going to be purchasing another silverado in a month or 2 and have a prepaid visa with 228.00 on it and need to use it within the week or i will get a 50 dollar fee taken from it leaning towards purchasing a 2007 chevy silverado but not sure what i will be able to afford what are some options i can use on silverados from 2003 all the way to the new body style in 2007.
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I mean performance and parts that make it stand out from the stock look.
No I worked at Kmart for a month and they put my money on that when i quit and they said that they will take some of the money. Does anyone know about how much i could get a 07 silverado for and the best and cheapest place to buy it.
LOL Yah i wish i could find a truck that cheap I have 12 to 14 thousand to spend.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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