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Howdy all. I'm in the process of acquiring a 2006 Silverado, and am wondering what I might expect as far as gas mileage just truckin' up the Interstate - without towing my trailer of course - even with it, if you have some experience towing a 7,500 lb (or thereabouts) travel trailer.

Specs for the truck:

1500 HD
6.0 Vortec
4.10 gears
6.5 bed
Crew cab

I'm hoping it'll be around 16 mpg or so on the open road. Am I delusional? Apparently, it was a GM Corporate vehicle for one of the big wigs, and was never titled until a bit over 14,000 miles this year. Dammit man - is this thing ever loaded! One thing for sure - it won't have any problem pulling my 7,500 lb travel trailer! Now all I have to do is convince my better half that it's a great deal :happy:

Thanks in advance,

2006 1500 HD
1969 Camaro - original car and owner :biggrin:

Edit: Got 'er on the interstate for a short spin today, and averaged 14.0 - 14.5. Right now, she's running around 13.0 city, but I think that will go lower yet.

Edit #2:
Just got in from a trip from Central FLA to Richmond (signed the papers yesterday) - averaged 14.5 mpg for the whole trip. Ran 70 - 75 all the way. Not to shabby for a 4x4 with 4.10 gears. BTW - it wasn't too difficult to convince my better half :happy: She trusts me, yall!! Then again, she's tolerated me for 34 years :shocked: What can I say?

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not quite your truck, yet

i have scangauge plugged into my ECM on a regular basis, and know my hwy mileage like back of my hand. on a level hwy i'm doing 23 to 25 mpg. uphills lower it drastically, anywhere from 16 to 8 mpg, depends. i average 18.2- 18.6 mixed drive and live in a very hillocky area.

unfortunately, it's 5.3 L vortec on a 2000 silverado with automatic transfer case. i always drive in 2 wheel mode.

your mileage will really improve towards maybe 70-80K miles. that's how long it takes to break them in. go synthetic on all fluids and get high air flow filter(not the intake), do not drive with windows down, take it easy on acceleration and braking. lame driving pays off. or get a scangauge and stick it into your face, that's a great driving habit modyfier, to watch that mileage go up or down. of course, on exec car, you might already have it "in your face", mpg, i mean. don't think it'll show instantenious one, like scangauge does.

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I've got a 5.3 also, but, mine's 2wd. Best ever mpg, was 26mpg! and that was doing 55-60 on the freeway, and kinda flat-ish, windows up, tailgate up too about 150 miles total. Worst, about 12.5 - 13mpg around town. My average Hwy mpg is about 20-21mpg. My Total average based on the computer(as are all these figures) is 15.9mpg.
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