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question to the group.....on possible write-up

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well i just got the new toy a 1983 27' motorhome. My inlaws and I rebuilt this beast. she got a new is a 572ci/720hp/685tq motor with 12.0-1 compression ratio. my father would not listen and put in a dual flex-a-lite fan and one motor burned up. i done a ton of Ford Taruas fan swaps and going to do one on this beast. i can do a writeup as the steps are the same. this fan is the best performance fan out there and costs $10-20 at any junk yard. they got 2 speeds high and low and on high will flow 4500 cfp. i even setup 2 of these in the garage to cool it down when it gets hot. i set these up to run high only or low only and switchable to start low and if ac turns on then swap to high...i never get over eats anymore. so if you want a picture writeup i will or i will just post it over on the bronco club again.....mike
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Please do the write up and post it in the tech section. Thanks.
Most definitely do a write up on this.
I'll have to check this out for my project truck thanks...Go for it! :great:
Hey Mike, have you installed the Taurus fans on your 93 'burban?

I've read a lot about the Mk VIII fan being very close to the Taurus fans, but pulls a LOT of Amps at start up. What does the Taurus pull?

they will pull the same amps as they are the same fan. there is a dual fan on some lincolns but they do not pull as much air as the single. i had to add a multi point block since the PO had many wires to the battery. i hate wire messes so i hope to have the work completed tonight and the write up shorty after or at least by tommorow. i got many projects going at once this week getting ready for a family camp out. i still trying to complet the carb to EFI motor swap in my Bronco as well and finish unpacking from the move....mike
ok- i just completed it
it is the the Tech section. i just went out and re-tested it since i going on a drive tonight with the Royal Rangers and do not want it to leave us stranded....i hope this helps feel free to post any questions......mike
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