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I have an '81 Silverado. I'm trying to find an original GM radio to install in my truck. I bought one on Ebay. This (it's a GM) radio/ cassette player is supposed to fit to '87. It's too big to fit through the dash let alone get through the dash bezel. All the other radios I've sen on Ebay for my truck year, have the same measurements. I have the original GM option code for the radio that was installed at the factory, but that doesn't help me. Can any of you guys help with info, or advice?
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I found these. Dont know if it is what ur looking for or not. But i figured it would help. By the way, they have everything for ur model trucks and more. My dad is restoring a 79 Scottsdale and they have helped him out greatly. Anways here is the link for the radios.

did you figure out the radio situation yet?
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