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Random Question!!

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Okay, so the other day I was thinking about my fuels gauge and trying to figure out why my truck would read considerably more than half a tank of gas when the Fuel Consumed indicator on my DIC would read 13.0 gallons used (which would be exactly half a tank since I have a 26 gallon tank). I reset all my DIC stuff like fuel used, gas mileage, trip meter, and the hours every time I fill my truck up, and I do all of this before starting my truck up at the pump so nothing has been used.

The only thing I can think of is the leveling kit has got the front of the truck sitting up (level) with the back and that has got the sensor thrown off since it does not have the factory rake. I know when you park you truck on an upslope the fuel gauge reads more and it reads less when on a downslope.

So is the leveling kit the reason for the fuel gauge reading higher? The only reason I picked up on this is because when I drive I typically leave the DIC on Fuel Consumed so I just noticed that it was telling me 13 gallons was gone but the fuel gauge itself was reading way closer to the 3/4 line instead of 1/2 line.
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The top "half" of the tank has always been much bigger on Chevy pickups, every generation.
Ya I can attest to that....the first half of tank of has seems to last awhile but once I hit that half mark out seems to disappear quickly!
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