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Here I go again. Had many 1982 - 1993 s10's Jimmys and Blazers over the years, and now I've moving to bigger and better.
SO, I've been told by 3 shops that they have issues with lowering this particular vehicle. "Lots of stuff in the way", or "can only go down 2". So, wondering if there are kits available. I'd rather not get stuck half way through. Any advice is welcome, and I've been searching LMC and a few other sites, but there's nothing specific with proven results. That said, I type in "1993 Yukon 4x4 Lower" into google and the pictures are all fantastic. So it is possible....but for what price...? At best, I'd be happy to get 3" and put on 22" or 24" rims, but would rather keep my 20" and get at least a 4+ drop.

Any info is welcome, and I will be happy to keep a log of pics for those planning on doing this in the future with this era truck.
Cheers. Thanks for reading
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