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Rear A/C Leaking Oil [Expired Topic]

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So I was under the truck and noticed a small amount of oil dripping from the hose between the two a/c llines that go up through the passenger rear of the body. I am assuming the middle tube is meant to allow condensation to drip out and that is where the oil is coming out.

I'm trying to decide what to do. I had the a/c system under the hood rebuilt last year. Actually the previous owner had it done as condition of sale.

What is component is likely to be leaking? I am assuming it is the A/C compressor, but I could be wrong.

Whatever it is, are those parts/components usually replaced at this point in the game or is it something that can be rebuilt.

I'm just trying to gain some knowledge before I talk to the a/c shop about having them look at it.
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How did you get the previous owner of a 1988 vehicle to do anything as a condition of a sale? Wow, remind me never to negotiate with you!

What color is the oi" that's leaking? Does the AC run properly?
It's actually a funny story. The truck was listed for $3500. When I test drove it I noticed the A/C was not working. I offered them $2500 and I would take care of the air. They countered with 3K and they would take care of the air and I would not get the studded snow tires. I didn't need the studded tires as I have another vehicle for winter driving. The Suburban is only for towing the boat and hauling stuff. I said OK to the 3K and they had me take it in to the A/C shop. $800.00 later the A/C was fixed and converted to R134.

I have not run the A/C lately as I have not driven the truck for a while. I know I am supposed to run it monthly to lubricate the seals. The last time I used the A/c I did not turn on the rear A/C so it has been quite some time the rear A/C was used.

The oil that is leaking is dark. Not black like used motor oil, but not gold like new oil. I'm not sure if the darkness is coming from dust it is picking up in the drain as it comes down. Based on where it is leaking and the lack of dirt build-up, I would say the leak is very recent or it just leaked enough to finally get oil all the way down.
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The a/c evaporator in the rear or one of the lines going to it has to be leaking. the compressor in the front is shared between the front and rear systems. if there is oil leaking then there is refrigerant leaking also. the dark color is from the dirt being picked up. a/c oil is clear, unless it is dyed, then it would be a flourescent yellowish color. the lines pass thru the body and travel a very short distance inside the vehicle. most likely the evaporator is the trouble.
Thanks for the help. I'm hoping to open the unit up tomorrow and see what is going on.
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