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Hey all, I have a 1500 chevy express that I'm looking to swap the rear axle in. I want to go with an AAM 11.5" but can't find many specs online. I was wondering if anyone with an 8 lug 2500 or 3500 van could take some measurements for me. I'm looking for the spring perch width and distance, and the distance between shock mounts as well as their position on the axle(front or back). Also if anyone could shed some light onto what it would take to convert the front hubs to 8 lug that'd be appreciated. I'm thinking either try to swap hubs from a 97 dodge 2500 as can be done with 90's 1500 pickups, or I think I might be able to swap the knuckles from a 2500 van. Thanks guys. Sorry if this has already been covered, I tried searching first. :rolleyes:
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