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Welp, I ordered at 2022 Suburban with the Duramax, but it won't be here for a few months, and the rusty, crusty 2010's rear brakes needed attention. I had zero parking brake action (a real pain when hooking up the trailer), and they were making noise.

Got new pads, rotors, and parking brake shoes for it. On the right side one of the parking brake bracket screws (8mm behind the hub) snapped off so I couldn't install the new one.
On the other side I just left the old brackets in place.

Also, the parking brake adjusters were frozen and I didn't have replacements, so I just put the right side back together without the parking brake shoe. Rest of this side went together fine.

Moved to the right side, and the adjusters were seized as well. Went to 4 different parts stores to find the rear brake hardware kit, and I was able to install the new shoe. Rotor went over fine, slight drag, all good.

Figured I'd go back to the right side since I had the adjuster hardware. Put the new shoe on, but the rotor would not go over it. Tried for a while but no joy. Decided I'd try the old shoe with worn brake liners, but that too didnt Allow me to get the rotor all the way on (tho it did almost fit). Gave up and reinstalled the service brakes without the parking shoe

I'm guessing that the missing bracket on the right was letting the shoe move too much, but I'm not sure about that.

Anyone know a way to drill out that broken bracket bolt that sits behind the flange without removing the axle or some other fix? Or is that even my problem? I'd rather not punt this to a shop, but I may have to.
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