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rebuild 350V8 or convert to diesel?

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I have a 1993 K1500 Suburban with a high mileage (220,000) 350V8. The old truck is in great condition for itsage, but I realistically expect to swap or rebuild this engine in a few years;nothing lasts forever, but with the 13mpg mileage I get now with the gas engine,I was considering installing/converting to a diesel engine instead. I know this will be more work and moreexpense to convert over, but was wondering if improved fuel economy would beworth the trouble? Any suggestions as towhat engine (and or transmission) I need to be on the look-out for to make theswap as pain free as possible when the time comes? Or should I just trade for a good used dieselpickup or SUV?
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EASIEST way to have a diesel truck is of course to buy one.... What do you mainly use the truck for? If you do a lot of towing/heavy hauling I'd definitely recommend swapping to a diesel truck.... Now the question is how much does your current truck mean to you? If it really has a lot of sentimental value then I'd say swap in a 6.5L turbo diesel..... If it's just a truck then I'd recommend trading for a Duramax diesel truck....

As for mileage with a diesel you can reasonably expect to get 16-18 or maybe better with a 6.5L TD running around empty and dropping to 13-14 when towing... Can most likely expect about the same buying a Duramax.... I personally got 13-15 mpg running around town with the CCSB 4x4 Duramax pickup I had and got 18-21 mpg when running empty down the interstate.... Some people claim better mpg numbers and others won't get as good... Every truck is different as well as every driver....

It's a personal choice... My choice is diesel over gas for trucks... Really the only person that can make the call over to convert your current truck or buy a different one is you.... My suggestion will almost always be for diesel though....
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Can the 350 gasoline V8 be rebuild into a 350 Diesel by replacing the heads, pistons and intake or does the block need to be different/stronger also to make a diesel engine?
No, absolutely not. Diesel blocks are completely different.
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