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rebuild 350V8 or convert to diesel?

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I have a 1993 K1500 Suburban with a high mileage (220,000) 350V8. The old truck is in great condition for itsage, but I realistically expect to swap or rebuild this engine in a few years;nothing lasts forever, but with the 13mpg mileage I get now with the gas engine,I was considering installing/converting to a diesel engine instead. I know this will be more work and moreexpense to convert over, but was wondering if improved fuel economy would beworth the trouble? Any suggestions as towhat engine (and or transmission) I need to be on the look-out for to make theswap as pain free as possible when the time comes? Or should I just trade for a good used dieselpickup or SUV?
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Dont convert a 350 to a diesel, they made a kit for it back in the 80s and so on and it was a terrable idea. People I have talked to said they were horrable and constantly broke down. plus the block and crank will be under more stress and probably wont last as long. If it was me i wouldnt convert it into a diesel.
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