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Hi, I have a 04 TB 6 cylinder 2wd with 130,xxx mi
About 1000 mi ago my transmission went out while driving.
It was rebuilt & when I got it back was told it would be shifting rough, but I'd have to drive it 2-300 mi to give the engine's computer time to adjust & to take it back to repair shop so they could make further adjustments. I've done that, but had to take it back now a 3rd time since its still slipping on what feels like 1-3 gears. Picked it up today & its still doing the same. Does it really need this time to adjust or are they giving me a load of cr*p? I dont know much about cars & would appreciate any info. Should I thank my lucky stars & be greatful I've gotten this mileage out of it?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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