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I got one in the mail for my 03 silverado. What they dont tell you is that your vehicle cant go above a certain mileage. Which is total bs! I got mine a year ago and my truck had like 80k miles on it or so. They said that if you have recieved this letter and already had your instrument panel replaced, that they would reimburse you for the panel plus labor. So i sent mine off, 2 weeks later they called me and said sorry, your mileage is too high. I could barely understand the guy cuase he barely spoke freaking english!!! But i told them they needed to say that in their stupid letter instead of wasting my time and getting my hopes up.:grrrrrr: Now my wife's 03 yukon speedometer is getting stuck just like mine did and its absolute crap!!! but for some reason, my wife said that the gauge just fixed itself. Im sure its still broken but as long as it is working right now, im not spending a butt load to get it fixed. Hope ya'll have better luck than i did.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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