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Replace an Outlaw CAI with Banks CAI -- or keep the Outlaw? Need opinions...

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I bought a used '04 GMC Sierra as a project. It came with a number of problems (which I've already addressed) as well as a few toys. Among the toys was a no-longer-made Outlaw CAI (See here: The filter is in good shape, I see nothing wrong with the box or the tube, and I am ok with the sound of it. It's not pretty but it doesn't have to be; the engineering simply needs to be sound and I believe it is.

However, I'm weighing the Outlaw CAI against the Banks CAI -- primarily because the Outlaw draws from the fender where the Banks draws from the bottom of the air box. Can any folks with a bit more CAI knowledge than I have provide insight as to whether there's enough difference, here, to be relevant?

Right now I'm prone to sticking with what I have as I've already got a CAI and a Flowmaster catback system in place. Thoughts, opinions, and/or suggestions that either support this intent or refute it would be appreciated, as I'm still on the fence. Thoughts on other airflow/mpg/torque uses for the cash that I'd save by not buying the Banks (besides a predator, which I have, and a custom tune, which I'll do when I'm finished with modifications) would also be welcome in case I keep the Outlaw, as well...

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The Banks draws air from the bottom and the fender side. You can see the Banks on my photo album.
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