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Replace an Outlaw CAI with Banks CAI -- or keep the Outlaw? Need opinions...

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I bought a used '04 GMC Sierra as a project. It came with a number of problems (which I've already addressed) as well as a few toys. Among the toys was a no-longer-made Outlaw CAI (See here: The filter is in good shape, I see nothing wrong with the box or the tube, and I am ok with the sound of it. It's not pretty but it doesn't have to be; the engineering simply needs to be sound and I believe it is.

However, I'm weighing the Outlaw CAI against the Banks CAI -- primarily because the Outlaw draws from the fender where the Banks draws from the bottom of the air box. Can any folks with a bit more CAI knowledge than I have provide insight as to whether there's enough difference, here, to be relevant?

Right now I'm prone to sticking with what I have as I've already got a CAI and a Flowmaster catback system in place. Thoughts, opinions, and/or suggestions that either support this intent or refute it would be appreciated, as I'm still on the fence. Thoughts on other airflow/mpg/torque uses for the cash that I'd save by not buying the Banks (besides a predator, which I have, and a custom tune, which I'll do when I'm finished with modifications) would also be welcome in case I keep the Outlaw, as well...

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Six of one and half a dozen of the other. One CAI is the same as the other, the only difference in my opinion is some now come with an oil less filter, that for me would be the only reason I would swap.
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