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Replacing 1997 extended cab S-10 split shaft to solid shaft

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Ok, need some help. I know some have replaced the S-10 split shaft with a solid driveshaft. I have a driveshaft company that will make me a one piece drive shaft, new U-joints, and use my existing ends for $250. I have replaced the carrier bearing, and the vibration has lessened, but still a little there around 60mph. I want to know and hear from some that have done this, how well did it work out for you? Problems, suggestions, best parts? I know there is a reason that GM made this truck with a split shaft, but I cannot find one problem with the one I have. I know, I know, may be your U-joints, but at $25 each and my truck uses 5, if that doesn't fix it, what next? Is there something else I may want to look at? I own a 1997 S-10 extended cab 2 wheel drive with a 4.3, auto. Thanks for any help.....:great:

Also, I pull a 8x6 enclosed trailer all the time and the truck has 153k. Even without the trailer, it's still there.
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Have you had the balance of the shaft checked? Even a small ding on the D/S can cause a vibration.
Removing the carrier bearing and going to a 1 piece shaft isnt a big issue, like you point out you get rid of a couple sets of U-joints this way, make note of the D/S angle you may need to shim the r/r axle to get the right angle back, this can cause vibration too.
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